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Our Mission

At Evergreen Montessori, each child’s interests are respected, and we strive to assist in developing all aspects of the child's being; social, emotional, physical, and academic.  We have a unique, low student to teacher ratio in a multi-age setting.  Our peaceful and well-prepared classroom is designed to bring an element of choice into each child’s daily learning activities which empowers them to establish their independence.  We do our best to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment where children can thrive and develop the necessary tools to become life-long learners.  Evergreen Montessori aims to build relationships between children, families, educators, and the community, thereby establishing strong bonds that will lead to positive social communications and relations.

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Prepared & Peaceful

Learning Environment

A Montessori classroom is carefully prepared with all materials arranged in order of difficulty on the shelves so that students may see the progression of their learning.  It is set up to allow for student choice, and the ability for each student in the classroom to be working on different concepts at different times. 


The environment is designed to be a very calm and peaceful place for children to work which allows for maximum concentration.  Classical music is played softly in the background while children are at work, and conversation is done quietly so as not to disrupt other children's focus and attention. 


Classroom Setting

The early childhood education program in a Montessori classroom consists of children ranging in age from 3-6, and the lower elementary classroom consists of children ranging in age from 6-9.


This multi-age learning environment allows for younger students to observe older students at work which sets the stage for future concepts to be learned while at the same time sparking curiosity and interest in the younger children.  The older students also get a chance to participate in peer tutoring which provides them with the opportunity to master concepts through the art of instructing.  According to Maslow's hierarchy of learning, one truly comprehends a concept when able to teach it to another person.

Independently Challenged

for Optimal Growth

Each and every child in a Montessori classroom is challenged at their own independent level in all subject areas.  This allows children the freedom to repeat lessons as much as needed in order to achieve mastery before moving onto the next concepts in the sequence.  All children go through the same basic stages of development, but not always at the exact same time and pace.  Providing a learning environment where children feel safe to learn and move on when they are ready, sets the stage for a strong academic foundation without gaps in their learning.

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